„Let your food be your medicine”

Hippocrates wrote this in 400 BC and meant:

“You are what you eat” and drink!


Dinkula® - a lactic acid fermented beverage made from spelt bread

The spelt bread...

is made from sprouted grains of the original “Oberkulmer Rotkorn” variety and beaked at low temperatures. This ancient variety of spelt grain is cultivated with great idealism und expertice in small protected areas of Chiemgau (Southern Bavaria, Germany), in conformance with biodynamic farming principles.

Lactic acid fermented beverages...

have a long history. Various kinds of kvass drinks made from different recipes were already known in ancient times and drunk on a daily basis for their beneficial effects. “Kvass” means “acid” and got its name from the slightly sour taste of these drinks. Up to the present day, people in Russia and other countries where kvass originated are convinced that drinking it daily will give them a long, active life and make them resilient to the adverse effects of extended cold periods and harsh work conditions.

Success in producing a fermented drink

Alfons and Franz Neumeier from Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, brothers in the fifth generation of a family of bakers, have succeeded in producing bread using sprouted spelt. When the bread is fermented with L (+) lactic acid bacteria, this results in a fermented bread beverage which is alkaline, vitalizing and harmonious. In a gradual preparation process, sprouted spelt grains, freshly ground spelt, flour and rye sourdough are slowly combined to form a dough and left to prove before baking. The spelt bread is then fermented with lactic acid in a process which takes several weeks. This produces a slightly sour fermented drink: Dinkula®


Dinkula®-Aloe Vera, biological organic aloe vera juice derived from a unique blend of aloe vera whole leaf, formulated with the minimum of processing to allow the plants natural components remain. The juice from the spelt bread and the biological aloe vera juice are mixed together to produce a very tasty, bitter fermented drink.